About Us


2018 characterized by a complex economic and social environment, generated mainly by the electoral process that took place in our country and in the background, by the perspectives on the renegotiation of NAFTA. However, Mexico was resilient and managed to achieve economic growth with respect to the previous year.

Despite the situation, in Megacable we continue with solid steps towards achieving our vision of being the best telecommunications company, through the the best products at the best prices.

The positive results we achieved during this year were possible thanks to the strength of Megacable's strategy, which is the differentiator that allows us to keep our clients and capture new ones, often from the competition. Through the optimal bundling of services for each segment, we effectively face the permanent challenge of improving our value offer, making it the most competitive and attractive in the market.

For 2019

As every year, we expect a scenario of many challenges and great opportunities, we want to maintain our leading position in the coverage areas of our cable, Internet and telephone services, increasing the services of double and triple play. Therefore, we remain confident that the performance of our Company will be reflected in the performance of our shares in the stock market.

The telecommunications market in Mexico still represents a major potential for growth, which is why we will continue to embody the values that have helped us achieve success. We will continue working and innovating to remain profitable, offering our customers the best products, outstanding service and the most attractive options available on the market through a robust strategy and the tools necessary to make this a reality.

Why us?

· We are one of the largest cable, internet and telephone operator in Mexico in terms of subscribers.

· We constantly invest in cutting-edge technology.

· We carry on with a successful management for acquisition and expansion projects.

· We have a highly experienced directive board.