Megacable is a company that lives and believes in its principles and values, that philosophy has been key to the development of the Company and has led us to constant growth since our founding in 1982 and until the consolidation of who we are today. As individuals we have a commitment to our Company and to our Stakeholders, which is why it becomes essential to have people of principles and high moral quality, committed to the values and behaviors established in this document.

The purpose of this Code of Ethics and Conduct is to reinforce our institutional values and the organizational culture of the Company, as well as to establish a guide on how to proceed in certain situations that arise. Therefore, it is Megacable's Policy that its Directors, Executives, Employees and workers strictly comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and that they demonstrate the highest standards of business ethics without any exceptions; and that these are also adopted by our business partners and any other natural or legal person with whom our company has a relationship.