Our Services

High-Speed Internet

We are one of the largest providers of high-speed Internet by cable in the country. We offer this service at different speeds, up to 1 Ggbs, without limiting the number of devices. Besides, we offer wireless Internet, content filter and 24-hour technical support. We also serve the enterprise segment, with connection speeds according to the needs of each company or firm.

Cable TV

We offer our clients digital television with innovative services and with state-of-the-art technologies, which allows us to provide: High Definition Channels, Interactive Guide, Cloud Digital Video Recorder (DVR), the option to watch your previously-recorded shows in the cloud for up to 24 hours and enjoy your favorite shows (Reverse EPG). Access to thousands of hours of content, including the most popular network programs, movie premieres, all through VOD. This is in addition to the finest premium channels available in Mexico, such as HBO, STAR PREMIUM and AdultPack.


Since mid-2006, Megacable offers telephony services, thus becoming one of the first cable operators to offer this service and a leading provider of convergent services involving video, voice and data. The goal of our telephone services is that an increasing number of families may have a fixed line at home; thus, we offer affordable packages. Megafon works as any other phone and is possible to make local phone calls, cellular phone calls and long distance phone calls; the difference is that with Megafon the client speaks more and pays less.

Mobile Services

Beginning in 2019 Megacable announced the official launch of its mobile services business. The aforementioned through the current MVNO agreement with Altan Redes and ATT, which includes a competitive offer mainly focused towards Megacable’s fixed services subscribers.

Video Rola and Own Content

Megacable produces contents in certain areas related to culture, tourism, news, health and publicity. In addition, it produces Video Rola, a proprietary TV channel focusing on Mexican regional music. Video Rola produces unique, original and exclusive contents related to the most popular music in the Latin American market and offers live simultaneous broadcasting in Mexico and the USA.


MetroCarrier is the second largest operator in national coverage for last mille services for telecommunications operators, offering services of digital private network and ethernet through Megacable's optical fiber network.

It offers Video, Voice and Data services to clients belonging to the business and corporate sector. These services include Digital Television, broadband services, digital telephony, VPN (Virtual Private Network), among others. Our network is based on equipment and standards with cutting-edge technology, which allow offering safe, scalable and flexible telecommunication services for companies wishing to be well-communicated.


In Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, our subsidiary MCM offers communication services for medium-sized and large companies. Through its optic fiber network, it provides voice and data services, using Internet, Ethernet and Time Division Multiplexing (“TDM”) protocols.


Megacable Publicity allows segmenting our viewers by niche, taking publicity directly to the right spot. Thus, we offer a wide range of publicity products and services allowing to reach the target market, in a segmented manner and at a low cost.


Expert in network infrastructure solutions, physical and logical security, unified communications, collaboration, cloud services and Data Center, as well as IT managed services.

ho1a is a pioneer in the design and implementation of Internet of Things solutions, which integrate information and operation technologies to optimize business processes. It also has more than 300 large corporate and institutional clients and more than 1,000 small and medium-sized companies.


Company dedicated to the production and creation of content. In addition, it is the representative in Mexico of international content providers such as Discovery, ESPN/Disney, MTV/Viacom and AMC before independent cable systems.

It also produces and distributes content for 5 of its own channels: MeganoticiasMX, TVC Deportes, Pánico, Platino y Cine Mexicano.