About Us


2020 saw major changes in the way that we live and work, among many other aspects. It was a time to learn, reevaluate strategies and results, and rethink the way we work. At Megacable, we choose to tackle challenges head on, take advantage of opportunities, and plan for the future.

Throughout this time, we showed the world our ability to adapt, become resilient, make quick decisions, and implement any necessary actions. The outstanding work done by our team not only allowed us to continue moving forward, but it also enabled us to capitalize on opportunities, use our technology and infrastructure in the most efficient way possible, and offer the best solutions to our customers. As a result of these actions, we increased both growth and profitability.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created deep-rooted and permanent changes in different markets, which can be clearly seen in the acceleration of trends and changes in the habits, consumer patterns and requirements of our customers. Working from home is here to stay, and this trend will continue to grow, in addition to other online activities, such as entertainment, training, education, and the acquisition of goods and services. There was increased demand for all of these in 2020 despite decreased revenue as a result of the economic crisis. This is how communication, the Internet, and the use of digital platforms have become essential products and services for households and companies no matter their size.

2020 was a challenging year, one that put our vision, business strategy and model to the test; however, it allowed us to consolidate our mission: to continue working, investing and providing the best entertainment and connectivity services in order to consolidate our presence and leadership.

For 2021

As every year, we expect a scenario of many challenges and great opportunities, we want to maintain our leading position in the coverage areas of our cable, Internet and telephone services, increasing the services of double and triple play. Therefore, we remain confident that the performance of our Company will be reflected in the performance of our shares in the stock market.

The telecommunications market in Mexico still represents a major potential for growth, which is why we will continue to embody the values that have helped us achieve success. We will continue working and innovating to remain profitable, offering our customers the best products, outstanding service and the most attractive options available on the market through a robust strategy and the tools necessary to make this a reality.

Why us?

· We are one of the largest cable, internet and telephone operator in Mexico in terms of subscribers.

· We constantly invest in cutting-edge technology.

· We carry on with a successful management for acquisition and expansion projects.

· We have a highly experienced directive board.