Frequently Asked Questions

What does Megacable do?

Megacable Comunicaciones is a leading company providing national coverage services in the field of telecommunications. Is one of the largest cable operator in Mexico in terms of number of subscribers, and it is the main provider of high-speed Internet by cable services. Megacable provides Cable TV, Internet and Digital Telephony services, MCM services, and publicity services. We also produce original content for our music TV channel, called Video Rola, and for our Megacanal channels, which offer local programs in certain markets. Our mission at Megacable is to contribute to a better quality of life, providing excellent TV and telecommunication services.

Where is Megacable listed and under which ticker?

In the Mexican Stock Market (BMV), under the ticker MEGA.CPO

Where Are Megacable’s Headquarters?

Av. Lázaro Cárdenas 1694 Col. El Fresno Guadalajara, Jal., México C. P. 44900.

What is a CPO?

A CPO is an Ordinary Participation Certificate issued by a trusteeship established between Megacable and Nacional Financiera, S.N.C. Each CPO represents 2 A Series shares.

How many shares of Megacable are listed?

1,721’355,673 ordinary A Series shares, out of which 52%, are free float.