Technology , innovation, service and growth in line

Anual Report 2014
Corporate Information
To contribute to a better quality of life by providing excellent convergent video, voice and data services.

To be a leader in the telecommunications industry in the delivery of high quality converged cable television, voice and data services.

Quality Policy
To provide convergent video, voice and data services that exceed customer expectations through the use of state-of-the-art technology, ongoing development of human talent and a culture of continuous improvement.

Honesty, Commitment to work, A Service Attitude, Respect for People, Efficiency in the Use of Resources, Loyalty.

Operative scheme


In 2014, we completed several investments and acquisitions in productive assets, infrastructure and technology in order to continue to offer a network of services focused on different population segments.

The acquisition of the Ho1a (a company, as an alliance of Metrocarrier), has favored the unification of technologies and network infrastructure to include the communication solutions that we offer our customers. The division has produced excellent results for the organization and represents 24% of revenues within the corporate sector.

We signed an agreement for the acquisition of more than 50% of the shares of the company PCTV (Productora y Comercializadora de Televisión), which distributes and markets its own TVC signals as well as distributing 70 signals of the most important broadcasters.

PCTV’s infrastructure has enabled us to strengthen our content generation capacity and our offer of unique content to obtain a competitive differential advantage within the industry. Continuing with the objective to create an efficient network and reduce operating costs, we consolidated our distribution centers into two main points in the cities of Guadalajara and Veracruz, which will replace more than 100 points at national level.

Since technology and innovation are fundamental parts of our business, we are continuing to work on the IMS (IP Multimedia System) platform, which will allow us to link calls from fixed telephone lines to cellular telephones. Moreover, the migration of the IPV6 architecture network shows our commitment to offer the best availability and directioning of services to each one of our customers.


Our employees play a fundamental role in our growth; therefore, throughout 2014, we reinforced our plans and programs focused on their development and training and on the search for and the implementation of actions that improve customer service, keeping in mind at all times the main objective of quality assurance.

“Loyal for Life” and “empowerment” were some of the workshops provided to foster the loyalty of our customers and the taking of decisions by employees to help this important public.