ESG Strategy

During 2021 and 2022, we carried out a process to develop a unique sustainability strategy and model for our business, which resulted in the Materiality Matrix and Sustainability shown below:

Materiality Assessment

In 2021 we began the process of our first Materiality Assessment, with the objective of determining the material issues for the Company, as well as to identify trends, risks and opportunities to which Mega could be subject. For this process, we followed the methodology of a specialized external consultant, also including the recommendations from the Global Reporting Initiative, ensuring obtaining comparable results. In that context, we identified the material issues through a qualitative and quantitative analysis of industry maturity, as well as the sectoral and social risks.

• Sustainability Model

Our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) model is based on the development to actions to address relevant business issues, with stablished objectives aimed at driving the Company’s sustainability status and, therefore, generate added value for our stakeholders.

Our Sustainability Model is comprised of the following tree axes:

Environmental Culture Axis

The development of a sustained operation is essential for Mega. As members in the telecommunications industry, an important consideration in our strategy is energy consumption, and how we can migrate our operations and activities to energy sources with a lower environmental impact.

Ethics and Organizational Quality Axis

It is important for Mega to be actively involved in the development of the communities in which it operates, including its own workforce, the most important asset. We are committed to continue generating and implementing the necessary mechanisms to ensure employees integrity and equal opportunities, as well as to guarantee the respect for human rights in all of our facilities. In addition, we have implemented and will continue to develop the necessary tools to prevent unethical practices within the Organization.

Operative and Financial evolution Axis

- This vertical recognizes the Company’s commitment to its interest groups to generate economic value, and as a public entity, to adopt the best practices to ensure that information is transparent and can reasonably represent the Company's operations.